Etymology Behind Doctor

This article consists of details that help in describing the etymology behind doctor and also about the etymology of physician. In simple words, it means that intend of the article is to discusses the historical development of word, doctor and physician. Read on the information featured here to learn about the various facts related to etymology of doctor and also about the etymology of physician.

The etymology behind doctor traces its roots back to a word in Greek language. Though the term doctor (medical doctor) is quite older and shorter, however it can be easily confused with holders of other academic doctorates. The etymology behind doctor is such that it has been derived from the word ‘doctoris’ that means teacher in Latin language and is an agent noun derived from the verb docere which means to teach.

A cognate expression i.e. a word which seems to be derived from the same word is in French language which happens to be the equivalent word for medical doctor or doctor of medicine, and is found to be commonly used as its contraction, as doctor or a physician.

Another fact describing the etymology of doctor and also the etymology of physician is that a Greek word doctor which also means a healer is commonly translated as physician. It is important to know that the exact Greek word is not conserved directly in English, however it exists in such formations as psychiatrist which has been translated from Greek language word as healer of the soul, podiatrist that means a foot healer and iatrogenic disease which is a disease caused by medical treatment. In Latin language the word medicus used to describe much what physician or doctor of today’s are performing.

In today’s English language there are various numbers of synonyms for the word physician and doctor.