Biomedicine is a branch of medicine or medical sciences involving study of identifying ability of organisms to withstand the environmental stress. It is also called as theoretical medicine. About biomedicine, it can be said that it is a filed in which the emphasis is given to that knowledge and research which is more or less in common to the fields of human medicine, veterinary medicine, odontology and basic biosciences like biochemistry, chemistry, biology, histology etc.

Biomedicine research involves application of biological and various other natural-science principles in clinical practice. In biomedicine research process, doctors carry out the study of physiological processes with the help of methods from biology, chemistry and physics. There are various methods to carry out the research wok ranging from understanding molecular interactions to the study of the consequences at the in vivo level. Those who are interested in making career in biomedicine need to understand that the processes involved in biomedicine research are studied with the particular angle deep-ending upon new strategies for diagnosis and therapy.

As far as career in biomedicine, general doctors or who have got graduation degree of Bachelor of Biomedicine can develop basic skills in scientific method, critical thinking and problem solving. Biomedicine graduates also possess specialist scientific knowledge and technical skills for further research.

There are a range of career opportunities that apply the skills and knowledge of biomedicine to other areas such as science communication, scientific journalism and many others. Nowadays there is whole lot of other things such as biomedicine graduates are equipped for a range of careers in industries including business, science, health, education and technology.

Career in biomedicine is really a great option. Professionals doctors or physicians can look to make career in the filed of in the biomedical sector or consider a career in biomedical research or related fields by pursuing a research higher degree which can be Masters or PhD. There are various other options such as job of a hospital scientist, laboratory technician, microbiologist, and as a pharmacist etc.