About General Doctors

This article will help you learn useful information about general doctor. A general doctor is often called by other popular names such as general medical doctor or medical practitioner. The general doctors info presented here in this article is only meant to make aware about the profession and duties of a general doctor. Moreover knowing useful info about doctors in general would only help you to understand what are general doctors trained to do by giving an overview about their education, practice duties and job environment etc.

Lets us start with defining some very basic things about general doctor. A general doctor is the one who does not possess a well defined and particular area of specialization. In other words a general doctor doesn’t have specialization in any particular field of medical sciences. However a general doctor can complete specialization in particular filed by studying further.

It is important to know about general doctor’s profession that since general doctors do not possess specialization in any particular field, they are required to perform a much wider array of duties as compared to other doctors who have an emphasis. Generally, the duties performed by a general doctor comprises of examining patients, writing prescriptions, consulting with other doctors, giving shots and carrying out very minor routine surgery.

It requires extreme hard work to take an entry into the medical filed. Those who wish to enter the medical profession as a general medical doctor need to undergo a very strict and rigorous course of training to complete the course before they become eligible to practice as a general doctor.

Another piece of general doctors info which is important to be aware of is that general doctors need to deal with long and irregular hours of duty and are required to attend the patient or at the place of their duty whenever they are notified to do so and their services are required.

Thus, it is very important for general doctors that they are able to perform their duties for long periods of time. However at the same time they must take proper care of themselves. They also need to comply with health and sanitation standards for the profession because they are very often exposed to disease.