Desired Behavior Of General Doctor

While discussing about the behavior of general doctor, majority of people believe that a doctor needs to be confident and humane. This notion of desired behavior of general doctors has been formed on the basis of the feedback provided by majority of patients. Interviews of patients were conducted to find out what they think should be the General Doctor’s behavior. Most of the patients were of the opinion that behavior of general doctor should be balanced with main traits of his personality being confident, must be sensitive and empathic, humane, personal, forthright, respectful, and thorough.

If all of the traits that have been described in the above defined ideal behavior of general doctors are incorporated well, such behaviors can help in creating a better doctor-patient relationship.

On the other hand undesired traits in the general doctor’s behavior are the real put offs. If the general doctor is known to be insensitive or disrespectful, having qualities like arrogance in dismissing the patient's input, disinterest in the patient as an individual, impatience in answering a patient's questions or callousness in discussing the patient's prognosis, it would act as a real bad thing. There is another thing to note about desired behavior of general doctor. It should be constant,. The behavior of general doctor that is seemingly providing excellent service in the beginning but then failing to meet the created expectations of the desired behavior of general doctor about the speed or quality of follow-up service can’t be acceptable.

Still, is another more important fact related to the behavior of general doctors? In situations where one has to choose between high technical quality and high interpersonal quality, two thirds of patients prefer to go with the one who has high technical quality. Nevertheless, the level of technical expertise may be hard for a non-professional to figure out, which in reality results in a tendency of patients to primarily judge physicians on behavior.