Complementary And Alternative Medicine

This article presents an overview about Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which in short is known as CAM. Here you will find detailed as well as useful info about Complementary and Alternative medicine so that you acquire good knowledge about the same.

The field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is quite cast and also constantly changing. This makes it really difficult to define it. However, it is defined as a assembly of various medical and health care systems, practices, and products which are otherwise considered as a part of conventional medicine.

Complementary and alternative medicine practices have been grouped into categories such as natural products, mind-body medicine, practices that lay focus on the interactions among the brain, mind, body, and behavior. Some of the most common examples are meditation and yoga and manipulative and body-based practices.

While time and other factors the contemporary biomedicine has distanced itself totally from its ancient roots in religion and magic, there are various other kinds of forms of traditional and complementary and alternative medicine. If these alternate traditions are considered different that differ from biomedicine, medical anthropologists strongly believe that all ways of thinking about health and disease have a significant cultural content, including the conventional western medicine.

One of the practices involved in the complementary and Alternative medicine is known as homeopathy. It is a quite popular complementary system of medicine and is included in national system of medicine in many countries and main being the India and neighboring countries. The general doctor who practices homeopathic medicine in these countries is called as homeopathic homeopath/homeopathic physician on par with conventional medical physicians.

It is important to know about complementary and alternative medicine that as with any other kind of medical treatment, there can be some risk factors associated with CAM therapies. One must take all the general precautions to minimize risks. It is recommended that always choose CAM practitioners with care only after analyzing his training and experience level.