Other Designations For Physician

One of the most used designations for physician is general doctor in most parts of the world. However, there are various other designations for physicians that are also used, about which you will get to read in detail this article. Presenting below is an overview describing different designations for physician. Read on to know about different designations of physician in different countries, as it will act as an added advantage.

One such designation for a physician is known as osteopath. The osteopaths are also considered as physicians and they have been recognized as physicians in 48 countries that also include United States of America. Nowadays in United States of America, the osteopaths are not called so and rather they are known as osteopathic physicians or simply the physicians, and they have been provided with unlimited practicing rights in all specialties and subspecialties of medicine.

There are so many numbers of osteopathic medical schools in United States of America having almost similar curriculum to that of allopathic schools with a difference of the osteopathic manipulative medicine, which focuses on extra instruction in the musculoskeletal system. It is also important to note here that internationally, there are variations in the DO degree; osteopathic education includes teaching manipulative medicine. In the U.S.A. the American Podiatric Medical Associaiton (APMA) defines podiatrists as physicians and surgeons that fall under the department of surgery in hospitals.

In India and many other nations, a doctor who have got BHMS degree in homeopathic or BAMS degree in ayurvedic along with MBBS allopathic degree holders, are treated equally as a registered medical practitioner. They have provided the rights to practice medicine of their systems. Among various designations for physician, they are simply referred to as physicians or general doctors. In order to become specialist in one particular stream of medicine/surgery, they need to undergo further specialization post-graduate degree to become a specialist doctor.

Nurse practitioners also known as NPs are not considered same as physicians, thus they are not given the designations of a physician. On the other hand, they are registered as nurses/clinicians or mid-level practitioners in US. It is important to know that nurse practitioners can carry out similar work as that of physicians or general doctors, particularly within the realm of primary care, however they must use advanced nursing models alternatively to medical models.