Specialists Doctor

In this article we are going to study about the specialist doctors. Well, before going ahead with the topic of doctor specialist and about various types of specialist doctors, it is a good idea to describe briefly who is a doctor specialist.

A specialist doctor who is also known as a physician who practices one branch of medicine or the doctor who is devoted to only one particular branch of medical field.

There are many different specialist doctors who are practicing in one particular filed of medicine or surgery or any other branches of medical sciences.

General Doctors or medical practitioners can also become specialist doctors by studying further in the medical field after the basic practice and training which is usually of four years. Defined below are some of the courses or subjects in which general doctors can obtain post-graduate degree or diploma and can practice as specialist doctors.

MD, which is known as the Doctor of Medicine: Eligible doctors after obtaining MD become eligible to practice as various types of specialist doctors based on their subjects. It is required that the candidates must be having a recognized degree of MBBS or its equivalent from medical university.

General Doctors can complete MS which is called as a Master of Surgery to become Doctor Specialist. In order to be eligible for MS, doctor needs to have a recognized degree of MBBS or its equivalent degree in medical sciences.

There are various types of specialist doctors which cater to needs of particular types of patients. The primary job of different specialist doctors is carry out research work in their area of specialization along with attending the patients suffering in which they have got specialization. As opposed to general doctors who perform various kind sod duties including examining patients, writing prescriptions, consulting with other doctors, giving shots and carrying out very minor routine surgery, the specialist doctors are required to function only in particular area for which they have been trained during their specialization course or training.

Generally, the doctor specialist is paid well as compared to what is paid to a General Doctors.